Apostle Minting Mechanics - How BYOPills Affects Your Outcome.

1 BYOPill + 1 BYOKEY = 1 Apostle. The BYOPill used will affect your Apostle outcome based on its traits.
Nov 27, 2021 7:19 AM


1) 1 BYOPill + 1 BYOKEY = 1 Apostle

2) At mint, your BYOKEY will get burned & your BYOPill will be marked "claimed" on-chain to redeem your Apostle (for a gas fee), meaning that specific BYOPill will no longer be useable with another BYOKEY for an Apostle. We will have a specific section on our website that lets you input any pill ID # to let you know if the pill has been claimed (in case you're buying on the secondary market for the purpose of minting an Apostle).

3) You will be able to select which unused BYOPill you want to pair with your BYOKEY directly on the minting page - or you can decide to use all your pills and keys in one transaction to redeem your Apostle (gas fees will increase albeit at a lower rate then separate transactions).

4) Apostles come in 4 tiers (from common to rare): Voyagers, Psychonauts, Ancients and ??? (see previous announcement for how these tiers also have utility)

5) While everyone has a chance at minting a rare tier, there are some factors that impact your probabilities: rarity of physical pill traits, number of Trip Effects, and average Trip Levels of your BYOPill. We have created our own internal point system to categorize each pill into a certain bucket which has different probabilities for the different tiers of Apostles.


Every BYOPill was given 2 types of  points, 1 for it's physical traits (including: pill top, background, pill bottom, aura and background) and 1 for it's trip effects / levels. These are evenly weighed at 50% each. The result was an XY grid similar to the one below.

- The rarer physical traits your BYOPill has, the higher the chance of minting an Ancient.

- The higher number of trip effects and average trip level your BYOPill has, the higher chance of minting a Psychonaut.

- If your BYOPill has high scores on both the physical traits & trip effects / levels, your chances for a "???" increase.

The number of unused pills in your wallet will give a slight boost for minting a Psychonaut, Ancient ,and "???" while slightly decreasing your chances of minting a Voyager. The boost applied is tiered in the same way the current Discord roles are tiered: (2-3) - (4-7) - ( 8-19) - (20-49) - (50+)

The chart below summarizes the whole minting mechanic, and gives you an idea to where your pill will land you on the probability grid. Remember, it's all based on probabilities, and nothing is guaranteed!

PS: This point system / mechanic will be used for future drops