Game Integration

Galaxy Fight Club x BYOPills Game Partnership

Learn about the BYOPills integration in Galaxy Fight Club and how this benefits you.
Nov 11, 2020 5:18 PM

We are officially announcing our partnership with Galaxy Fight Club, the "Super Smash Bros" of blockchain gaming. They have Fighters in the form of NFT avatars, weapons, and now they are integrating BYOPills as their in-game consumable that allows players to equip and consume for temporary boosts.


Every BYOPill will act as an in-game consumable in Galaxy Fight Club, giving you an advantage in winning battles and earning $GCOIN, their in-game utility token. As of now, consumables will come in 5 different forms, each having different temporary durations:    

- Invulnerability    

- Increased Movement Speed    

- Increased Attack Damage (Berserk)  

- Camouflage (invisibility)    

- Instant Attack Cooldowns

The type of consumable your BYOPill will represent will depend on your Pill's aesthetic traits, while the duration will be based on a combination of your pill's "# of trip effects" and "trip levels". All pills will act as consumables in GFC.


We have also created single-purpose BYOPill-branded consumable exclusive to the GFC universe. This will be a completely separate GFC game-only version of pills (consumables) included in their loot packages. Our partnership with GFC marks the first big step in our long journey of introducing consumables to blockchain gaming while pushing for NFT interoperability. This will be one of many future partnerships, continuously expanding pill utility as the consumable of future blockchain games / metaverses (excluding utility provided in the  BYOVERSE).


In addition to BYOPills acting as power-ups, BYOPill holders will be able to participate in GFC's 3v3 P2E game mode with their Apostles soon. As a partnered avatar, you'll be given a base weapon for use and will get combat bonuses when having team members from the same collection.

For more information on BYOPill holder benefits, please read their partners guide:

PS: The "BYOPill" in GFC's Genesis Collection is a single-purpose consumable exclusive to the GFC universe with no additional utility. BYOPill holders already benefit from having their official BYOPills act directly as power-ups in GFC. Please read our previous GFC announcement for more details