BYOCrafts are coming - Here's What's You Need To Know

BYOVape claiming & BYOCraft airdrop explained.
Nov 11, 2020 5:18 PM

As you all know, BYOPill snapshot will be taken in approximately 12 hours, at 11:59pm PST!

So what happens after the snapshot?


All those who made the snapshot will be able to claim a one-time use BYOVape. 1 BYOVape + 1 BYOPill = 1 BYOCraft. So if you own 5 BYOPills today, you will be eligible to mint 5 BYOVapes (requires you to have 5 BYOPills in your wallet at time of minting).

As mentioned in a previous announcement, everything in the BYOVERSE is BYOEncrypted requiring you to inhale your BYOPill through the BYOVape for verification. This BYOVape will include a one-time use pod, granting you access to the "BYOCraft Manufacturing Plant", from which you will be able to get your BYOCraft.

The BYOVape will be an ERC-1155 token, similar to the BYOKey, which means in addition to Dr. Ether Jay's magic, the gas fees will be low for a batch mint. How will BYOCraft claiming happen?


A day prior to the BYOCraft launch (date is yet to be announced), we will take a snapshot of all BYOVape holders, BYOPill holders, and Apostle holders ( a lot of snapshots). Once the snapshots are taken, the one-time use BYOVapes will either be "burned" or "deactivated", meaning they will no longer have a pod attached to it.

All those who held a BYOVape at the time of these snapshots will be airdropped a BYOCraft equal to the number of pills & vapes they own during the snapshot. 1 BYOVape + 1 BYOPill = 1 BYOCraft.

The BYOPills you own in the second snapshot will effect the rarity of your BYOCraft, similar to the way Apostle minting worked. That also means all BYOPills will have a chance at getting airdropped a "rare" craft. We will discuss rarities and traits closer to launch date.

The Apostles you own in the second snapshot will effect the TYPE of BYOCraft that will be airdropped to you. A Voyager will receive a voyager-only type craft, a Psychonaut will receive a psychonaut-only type craft, etc. If you have more pills & vapes then Apostles, then you will receive a "general"-type craft which can be used by all types of Apostles.

The BYOCraft will be on the ETH L2 MATIC network.


If you have 5 pills during tonight's snapshot, you will be able to claim 5 BYOVapes at a future date as long as you still own 5 pills. At the time of craft launch, we will airdrop the crafts to everyone who owns a vape + pill, and the rarity & type of craft will depend on the pills / Apostles you own during that time.