What Are Apostles, $TRYP & BYOPills?

An overview on Apostles and $TRYP, and their relation to BYOPills.
Nov 11, 2020 5:18 PM


1) Apostles are full-body, rigged 3D models with future use across the Metaverses and Blockchain games. Expect them to represent your identity in the biggest metaverses, or as playable characters in other blockchain games going forward, starting with our very own BYOVERSE.

2) They will be AR-enabled; Point your camera anywhere in your environment and watch your Apostle come to life..

3) Each tier of Apostle (Voyager, Psychonaut, Ancient, ???) will have advantages in the BYOVERSE that enhance your experience, whether it’s unique special passive abilities and/or certain stats (e.g. stamina, speed, strength). Does your Apostle come with a light scope on his helmet? That sounds like it might come in handy in the deep dark caves of the BYOVERSE.

4) Apostles will be customizable in-game, allowing you to attach and detach certain items as NFTs that give you added utility in the BYOVERSE.

5) Apostles will give you access to the BYOVERSE, a world that you can roam around and explore, gather resources, craft and forge items, interact with NPCs, collect loot, and participate in PVP events for big prizes. The BYOVERSE will also host game events and treasure hunts, with invaluable rewards…who knows what Boris left in there...last I've seen him he was walking around with an ape.... All in-game items (resources, crafted/forged items) will be NFTs and will enable a p2e mechanic in the future.

6) ...and most importantly! Apostles will also passively generate claimable tokens every day called $TRYP. $TRYP is a utility token that will power the whole BYOPill universe going forward. You’ll be able to exchange these tokens for future NFT drops (or purchase future public sales at a discount), you'll be able to use them to upgrade and customize your Apostle with future attachments...maybe even a "breeding" mechanic? You’ll also need the tokens to participate in certain events in the BYOVERSE, to craft & forge items, creating new NFTs, and many more added features in the future! Details on the tokenomics and timing of $TRYP accumulation/claim will be announced shortly after the Apostle drop.

7) Apostles will also be rentable in the future - if you don't have the time to enter the BYOVERSE, you will be able to rent it to someone who does through the ReNFT protocol.


All Apostles will begin to accumulate trip equally at a future announced date post-launch. (no staking required).

• You will be able to unlock “Tiered Token Generation” by staking an Apostle. Tiered token generation is based on the type of Apostle you own and have staked (Voyager, Psychonaut, Ancient, Goddess). A staked Goddess will earn more $TRYP, then a staked Ancient, who will earn more then a staked Psychonaut, who will earn more than a staked Voyager.

• To stake an Apostle in the future, you will need to own a BYOPill. For each staked Apostle, you will need 1 BYOPill (1 to 1 ratio). To un-stake your Apostles, you will need to have the same number of BYOPills in your wallet. In other words, pills unlock the staking mechanic.

However, you can earn even more $TRYP by tying more pills to a staked Apostle. Tying more pills to 1 staked Apostle will give you a multiplier on the number of $TRYP earned.

For example. If you have 5 pills and 1 Apostle, you will NEED to have 1 pill to stake an Apostle and generate more $TRYP based on your Apostles’ tier. However, you can tie all 5 pills to your 1 staked Apostle to have a multiplier on $TRYP earned

Information on $TRYP tokenomics, number of $TRYP earned pre/post staking, and pill multiplier will be released at a future date post Apostle launch. NOTE: $TRYP will he not be generated immediately at Apostle launch, but will begin at a future announced date.

• $TRYP will be used for future in-game item drops, with varying prices based on game item rarity. (Read below on why a Pill Is also important for the future in-game marketplace).


As we mentioned, BYOPills are core to the BYOVERSE and to the project as a whole.

Everything in the BYOVERSE is BYOEncrypted which requires you to inhale your BYOPill through a special device for verification, granting you access to certain areas of the BYOVERSE including the BYOP Facility and its restricted areas, while also being used to power up certain items.

What does this mean? All future drops that require $TRYP will also require you to own a BYOPill. The BYOPill will be needed to gain access to our future Store/Marketplace.

BYOPills also act as a "key" to enable certain items, maybe hovercrafts and weapons?

However....there's MORE. Your BYOPill also acts as a blueprint enabling you to craft consumable versions of your unique pill in the BYOVERSE by gathering resources. These consumables can be infused with certain items to "power-up" your weapons/hovercraft etc, granting UNIQUE abilities based on your pill. The consumable versions of your pill can also be "consumed" by your Apostle, granting unique power-ups as well. Those with no BYOPills can "rent" or "buy" the consumables in-game.


BYOPills are metaverse consumables that will give you access to different power ups, ability boosts, etc. in future game partners (example: Galaxy Fight Club). As BYOPills are integrated in more future blockchain games and metaverses, their utility will continue to increase.

In addition, we have added our own utility to BYOPills through the launch of Apostles and the future BYOVERSE.

• Holders of BYOPills were given the ability to mint a free BYOKEY 0 which unlocked the Apostles. Expect these type of drops for major collections we release in the future (with similar minting mechanics based on pill traits). Did someone say ships are being dropped to pill holders soon?

• BYOPills will also unlock Tier Token Generation, allowing you to own more $TRYP based on your Apostles’ tier, but will also provide a multiplier as mentioned above. • BYOPills will be needed to access the future in-game marketplace. The numbers of pills you have will equal the number of items you can purchase on the future in-game marketplace (using $TRYP). For example, if you have 10 pills and a certain weapon collection was dropped, you can buy up to 10 weapons as long as you can afford it with $TRYP.

• Pills will also be needed to power everything in the BYOVERSE, from vehicles to weapons, and will allow you to craft the BYOVERSE consumable version of your specific pill that can be infused to different in-game items providing unique power ups.

What would happen if more avatars were introduced to the BYOVERSE with only 10,000 BYOPills available?